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How did I get into smoothies?  I took up smoothie making a number of years ago after a major life-style change.  Any sort of major life-style change requires a complete transformation and affects every aspect of your life, especially your eating patterns. 

If you’ve always led a busy life and you suddenly find yourself with way too much time on your hands, it’s all too easy to find yourself visiting the cookie jar too many times.  Constant snacking throughout the day becomes a major problem.   It’s way too easy to keep saying “one more cookie won’t hurt”. The trouble is they soon add up.

Without realizing it, food had become a source of comfort for me and it’s no coincidence that sugary, sweet foods are comfort foods.  They taste good and they give you a sugar hit with that corresponding feel-good high and I was eating way too many sugary foods.  I needed to drastically change my diet and become much healthier.  Time for a major overhaul.

Step one was to throw out all the cakes, biscuits and chocolates.  Now as a confirmed sweet tooth and chocaholic this was perhaps the hardest of all to change and it didn’t help that I had a husband who would come home with “treats”.  “Honey I was just passing the bakery and thought you would like a cake.”   I realized that sugar is highly addictive and it had me in its iron grip.  Changing these habits wasn’t going to be easy. But as I persevered it gradually became easier.

Step two was to critically evaluate each meal of the day.  Lunch emerged as the main culprit.  I needed to look for a healthy solution.  I tried many different things but the thing that really worked for me was smoothies.  So smoothies become my lunchtime choice.  This is what worked for me, but of course a smoothie for breakfast may be what works for you. 

Time to Experiment

So I began experimenting with smoothies, replacing one meal a day with a smoothie.  Why a smoothie?  Because they are so easy to make, they are incredibly yummy, and made the right way, are very healthy.

It was fun combining different foods and developing the ones I liked.  The health blogs were exhorting the value of kale, dandelion greens, quinoa and such like.   But I’ve never been a great fan of kale, and I find quinoa to be completely devoid of any taste.  I do make green smoothies, but to make them drinkable I have to completely mask the taste of the greens.  There had to be a way to make healthy smoothies with the foods that I liked and to make them tasty. 

I developed a formula for smoothie making.  No added refined sugars, only fruit and natural sweeteners.  I only use nut or coconut milks, and the only yogurt I use is Greek style yogurt.   I learned how to make nut butters, how to soak chia seeds.   I also began experimenting with superfoods.  Some of my smoothies contain greens, some don’t. 

A Learning Experience

This has been a learning experience as much as anything.   Reading and research revealed that it is not fat but sugar that is fuelling our obesity epidemic.  Previously I had dutifully followed a low-fat eating regimen thinking this was healthy and I was doing my body a favor. 

But new research has emerged showing that this way of eating may not be as healthy as first thought.  For years we had been fed the line that all fat was bad for us and we must eliminate it from our diets completely.  But what happened was that in removing all the fat from foods, the food industry had replaced it with sugar.

Trying to sort fact from fiction wasn’t easy.  There is so much misinformation out there.  But gradually I began to understand.  The low-fat food I’d been eagerly consuming did have all the fat removed, but was loaded with sugar to compensate and give the food some flavor.  Add in the sweet snacks and other unhealthy foods I’d been consuming, and I was on sugar-overload.   No wonder I wasn’t losing weight.

I haven’t gone completely sugar-free, but I have cut down and I feel fantastic.  Since starting on this smoothie journey, I’ve lost pounds and still the weight continues to fall.  My skin has improved and I have more energy than ever before.  I don’t feel hungry, and I’m rarely sick. What’s even better is that the weight continues to drop.  Eventually I expect it will plateau out as my body adjusts to its new “normal” weight.
I still treat myself occasionally.  I enjoy the occasional dark chocolate, and if I’m out with friends I will indulge in a sweet.  After all life is too short to deny ourselves completely. 

Journey of Discovery

My journey of discovery has involved experimenting with new foods I would never have eaten in the past.  I’m constantly amazed at what you can throw into your blender, which then turns into a delicious drink.  Every single smoothie on this website has been made by me.  Not all flavor combinations work of course.  If they don’t make the grade taste-wise they don’t find their way onto the website.

Many of the smoothies on this website are made from fruit, which you might think ups the sugar load.  But one of the things I learned is that there is a big difference between natural sugars and added sugars.  It is the latter which is doing us harm.  It is so important not to demonise fruit because it contains so many nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.   Plus it is a great way of dealing with those sugar cravings.

I am so happy to share these smoothie recipes with you.  I’ve managed to lose weight and improve my health drinking them.  I hope they work as well for you as they have for me.

May your smoothie journey be as tasty and fun-filled as mine has been.

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